Based on our previous works, we aim to put the company in the lead in general contracting field, so that it becomes the first destination for the government & private sector


We are keen to provide a variety of services in the areas of construction, restoration, and finishing, with high quality and efficiency, and we are committed to implementing quality and safety standards


Professionalism - Quality - Development & innovation - Credibility - Achievement - Customer satisfaction

About Teaf Sami

Teaf Sami is one of the Saudi national companies that was established in the city of Riyadh in 1416 H, in accordance with the regulations and laws of establishing companies, which was a breakthrough launch in the local labour market in the field of general contracting.

Company provides a range of activities and services needed by the government sector and the private sector. company specialises in the general construction works of residential buildings (apartments, villas, and towers), and non-residential constructions (Banks, schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial complexes, and government buildings) in addition to providing post-construction services, such as providing maintenance services, restoration and finishing, plumbing, electricity, plastering, insulation of all kinds, gypsum board, tiles, marble, and interior and exterior decoration works.


Construction contracting

Maintenance and operation

Real estate development

Company activities

Construction of building construction
Schools, hospitals, hotels and commercial complexes
Renovation of residential and non-residential
Construction of prefabricated buildings on sites
Insulation works for kitchens, bathrooms and roo ops
Plumbing works (drilling, foundation and installation)
Electrical works (preparation, foundation, and installation)
Interior and exterior plastering of high quality

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